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Your Catawba County Chamber of Commerce is...


  • Catawba County's leading business organization committed to driving economic prosperity and business competitive success for you, our Shareholders and Investors. 
  • A strong pro-business voice that is your advocate for free enterprise and will work with local government to ensure a friendly business environment that’s needed for you to grow and sustain.
  • Your partner, biggest supporter & a vital member of your "Unvested Board of Advisors" to walk along side of you & ensure your business competitiveness success. 
  • Your one-stop small business ombudsman to connect you with the training, community partners, & tools you need to start & sustain your business in Catawba County.
  • The creator of collaboration between education, business, and government in order to build a strong, skilled and diverse workforce.
  • A source of knowledge; a venue for human interaction; a center for learning; an extended family; a pillar of the community; action-oriented; innovative; a catalyst for positive change; accessible and inclusive.
  • Responsible for improving the quality of life for our community in which people and businesses need to succeed.
  • The platform which grants you access to influential business/community leaders, the opportunity to build new relationships, increase your network, and provide a gateway for new sales channels.
  • A founding partner in the creation and implementation of our community-wide strategic plan, Innovate Catawba.
  • The host of special events throughout the year that will give you opportunities to have fun, learn, network, net-give, and to be recognized.


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