TEST Catawba County

The Chamber of Catawba County is a non-profit business membership organization representing 850 business Shareholders and Investors in Catawba County, N.C. Our organization executes critical economic and community development initiatives that lead the way for business competitiveness success, fostering the creation and filling of jobs, and developing community leaders at all levels in Catawba County. We aim to serve as the strong pro-business voice, advocating for free enterprise and working alongside local government to ensure a friendly business environment that is needed for all business in Catawba County to grow and sustain. TESTING.

Valued Partner,

There are many aspects of your business that you can control –things such as product innovation and quality, customer service, internal processes and procedures, your company’s brand and marketing messaging and who you hire to join your team. There are aspects of business, however, that are outside of your control, yet directly impact your ability to grow, be competitive and thrive.

Critical business success factors that reside in this space are typically your greatest concerns; the things that keep you up at night. They are the critical community issues that are impacting your ability to do business efficiently and effectively. They often inhibit your growth and impact your ability to maximize your profit. This space between what you can and can’t control is the space that your Chamber occupies.

Your Chamber pursues value and relevance every day. It’s our priority to ask the right questions to uncover your needs and pain points, to listen and then to act. It’s only because of your continued investment, engagement and leadership that we can continue to fund and successfully execute critical economic & community development initiatives that get things done on behalf of business.

Thank you for your commitment to YOUR Chamber. On behalf of our team, we humbly thank you for allowing us the honor and privilege to work alongside of you and for you every day.

Working for Business,
Lindsay M. Keisler, IOM, CCEC