Dry Otter Waterproofing wins 2023 Small Business of the Year

Local Chamber Partner wins NC Small Business of the Year

Dry Otter Waterproofing, based in Denver, NC has just been awarded quite a hefty accolade… “2023 Small Business of the Year” by NC Business Magazine.  Four companies earned the award this year; a consignment boutique, a fine wine shop, a luxury mountain home builder, and Dry Otter Waterproofing, a premium foundation waterproofing company . Each of these companies has something in common; they strive to provide their customers with ‘the best’.  The founders of these companies know that some customers value premium products and services they can trust and enjoy. 


Dry Otter Waterproofing

Dry Otter provides premium crawl space and basement waterproofing.  This is not something most homeowners enjoy spending their money on, but it does keep their foundation dry so they can fully enjoy their home.  The waterproofing they provide resolves issues like a musty smell in the house, foundation settling, wavy hardwood floors, mold on the baseboards, and water in the basement floor.  Dry Otter takes pride in the quality of service they provide, so they don’t cut corners or offer sub-par solutions.

Out of the 70 applicants, the 4 winners were chosen based on “creativity, community impact, persistence and other factors… The business had to be in operation for at least five years and have fewer than 100 employees. The four selected businesses employ between 15 and 31 employees.” -Kevin Ellis of NC Business Magazine. 

The wisdom Sanders discussed in his interview with the magazine is quite inspiring, especially for young laborers with aspirations of owning their own business one day.  Sanders was drawn to the waterproofing business back in 1996 because of the money to be made as an installer.  Waterproofing is a service that is genuinely needed, underrated, and at the time had much less competition than it does now.  Digging ditches in 2-foot-tall crawl spaces with spiders, snakes, and plumbing pipes in the way is a service most homeowners are delighted to outsource, and Kevin had the determination to make it happen.  He worked as a “ditch digger” for a several years for a different local waterproofing company despite holding a four-year college degree, and earned good money, perhaps even more had he taken a route that employed his degree.  Time passed and he worked for a second waterproofing company, working his way up the ranks until he’d gained experience in almost every position. 

In 2013 Sanders started his own waterproofing company in Denver, NC, a few towns away from the other companies he had worked for.  In the time since the company’s inception, he’s grown the company to earning an annual revenue of 4 million. While in the beginning Sanders filled every position, now there are 5 full-time office personnel, 15 waterproofing installers, 2 inspectors, and 2 field managers to keep the company in operation at full speed ahead.  Early on, Sanders brought in a partner, Mark Johnston, who has also been an integral asset to the company’s growth. Johnston has filled many roles, but he particularly excelled as a sagacious sales manager, successfully fostering one of the best sales teams in the industry.

Dry Otter Waterproofing

In 2022 Dry Otter earned awards for “Best Employer” and “Fast 50”, marking it as one of the fastest growing companies in the state.  Dry Otter, having been in operation for ten years, is continuing its mission to ’10x it.’ This ambition is inspired by millionaire Grant Cardone, whose bold slogans motivate businesspeople globally.  In January 2024, Dry Otter will also be moving into its permanent location on Business Hwy 16 in Denver, eagerly anticipating further growth and continuing to provide excellent waterproofing systems for customers in the Charlotte, Lake Norman, and Hickory areas.

If you have any concerns about your crawl space or basement, Dry Otter Waterproofing offers free inspections and expert solutions. As a NC Small Business of the Year, they’re committed to ensuring the integrity and comfort of your home with premium waterproofing services. Contact them today to schedule your complimentary inspection and join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who trust Dry Otter for their waterproofing needs. Experience the difference that award-winning service and dedication can make. Protect your home with Dry Otter – because ‘You Otter Get Dry’.

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