Advocacy@Work: How North Carolina’s Child Care Crisis is Hurting Businesses and Workers: Survey Results from NC Chamber Foundation

The NC Chamber Foundation has released survey results regarding child care issues in North Carolina and it shows that a lack of child care is making it harder for businesses to hire employee’s and grow.  Access survey information here.

A few survey highlights: 

The child care crisis is impacting people’s ability to work and increasing the state-wide worker shortage. North Carolina parents of children five and under are the most impacted:

  •  26% said they left the workforce because they couldn’t find affordable child care
  • 60% said they had to miss work because of a problem with childcare
  • 37% refused a job opportunity, promotion, or job change because it would increase child care expenses
  • More than 80% of voters say the lack of child care is a problem that will not solve itself and that improving quality and affordability is a good use of taxpayer money.

See below for additional findings. Download The Chamber’s Guiding Principles here to learn more about issues we support and advocate for, on behalf of business. 

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