Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide (17)

Announcing our 2022 Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide!

We’re excited to announce our 2022 Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide is now live! Click here to download it from your mobile or web device and make sure to check out all three sections: Shop Local, Support Local, and Experience Local!

This digital, clickable, web only guide features locally owned businesses, shops, restaurants, organizations, and experiences which make Catawba County unique. The Shop Local Holiday Gift Guide will run from November 14-December 31. 

When you shop locally, small businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them. Share this guide with friends and family and encourage them to support Catawba County businesses and organizations. 

Here are 5 Benefits to Supporting Small Businesses according to a survey conducted by

1. Purchases Help Your Community 
Money you spend locally goes directly to your community. Dollars are invested back into the business and to those who run it. In other words, you’re helping locals keep their jobs, create more jobs, and invest in other local community initiatives! 
2. Local Shops May Be More Sustainable
When small businesses work together with other small businesses, there can be opportunities to cut down on packaging, overall waste, and travel emissions. 
3. Customer Experience is the Priority
Big box stores have more employees, customers, and issues to deal with every day, while local shop owners may not. Small business owners may have fewer customers, making those that shop with them more valuable. If you have questions or concerns about products or services, you’ll likely be able to get in touch with the owner faster than you would a big box customer service representative. 
4. Fresher (and More Unique) Products and Produce
You can find a variety of items at local stores you may not find anywhere else. When it comes to grocery shopping, you’ll likely be able to find locally sourced produce at smaller stores. You get to enjoy eating fresher produce while supporting multiple small businesses. For instance, your weekly groceries may be fresher from your local farmers market than a department store. 
5. You Put a Face to the Creator
You’re more likely to interact with the owner of a small business than a CEO of an established company. This means you’ll have a better chance of connecting with your community and you’ll know exactly who you’re supporting. 

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