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Partner Tip: Investor Privileges-Website and Email Recognition

This week, we’re taking a look at some of our Investor privileges. The Chamber of Catawba County Investors are the area’s premier businesses that make a vital commitment to the economic development of Catawba County through their enhanced investment in the Chamber. Investors serve as key advisors, enjoy additional privileges and sponsorships and maintain a close link to successful implementation of the Chamber’s Annual Program of Work. See all of our Investors here

While privileges vary across multiple levels, we’ll highlight a few that all Investors can take advantage of. 
Chamber Investors are featured on the front page of the Chamber’s homepage through a rotating carousel of logos. 

Investors also have their own page on the Chamber’s website with a hyperlink to their website here. Backlinking Investor websites to the Chamber site helps improve organic SEO rankings. When your content is getting linked from other sites, like ours, that content will naturally start to rank higher in the search results. 

Investors are also listed by level of investment on all staff outgoing emails. Anyone who receives an email from a Chamber staff member will see the names of all our premier businesses listed. These signatures provide exposure to the dozens of contacts we contact on a daily basis, both affiliated with and not affiliated with The Chamber, which provides more exposure for your business or organization.

Lastly, Chamber Investors have the opportunity to write an article to be published on the Chamber’s website and shared on social platforms. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this privilege, please contact Kathy Austin, Communications & Projects Specialist. If your website changes or logo is updated, make sure to also reach out to Kathy to update your links and logos on our website. Want to learn about all of the Investor Privileges? Click here. 

Stay tuned for next week’s Partner Tips where we’ll share about ribbon cutting and celebration services. Need to catch up on past posts?  Learn about opportunities to provide Promotional Brochures in our Chamber lobby here, learn about our Leads Exchange Groups here, learn how to use our Notary Public Services here, Learn how to promote your company’s job postings, special events, and promotions on our website here, learn how to generate a membership badge for your website here, and learn about updating your company listing in our online directory here. 

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