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Partner Tip: Opportunity to engage in a weekly, non-compete Leads Exchange Group

Last month, we kicked off a weekly educational series called Partner Tips!  Over the next few months,  you’ll learn about a privilege that you may have overlooked to help you maximize your Partnership benefits. This week’s tip is all about our Leads Exchange Groups! 

Want to grow your networking and leads within your business community? Leads Groups are non-compete, so they are limited to one business representative from each industry. Leads Groups are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 8:00-9:00 am at various locations.  Our Leads Exchange Groups meet weekly to connect and foster meaningful relationships, share referrals and relevant information and ultimately aim to grow their businesses. 

If you’re seeking a smaller group of professionals from across the community to connect with, we invite you to our upcoming Leads on the Road! Leads on the Road is an opportunity for you to test out what Leads is all about. These are open to non-Chamber partners to attend, up to two times.

Our next Leads on the Road is on Tuesday, August 16 from 8:00-9:00 am at Town of Long View, located at 2404 1st Avenue SW in Hickory. Click here for event info.

For more questions about joining one of our Leads Exchange Groups, please contact Nathan Cooley, Partner Recruitment & Sponsorship Manager at (828) 431-7241 or via email

Stay tuned for next week’s Partner Tips where we’ll share about promotional brochure opportunities! Need to catch up on past posts? Learn how to use our Notary Public Services here, Learn how to promote your company’s job postings, special events, and promotions on our website here, learn how to generate a membership badge for your website here, and learn about updating your company listing in our online directory here. 

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