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Official Statement on Equity

The Following is an Official Statement by The Chamber of Catawba County:

In the midst of the recent events that have gripped our country, The Chamber of Catawba County makes it clear that we stand against social injustice and racism.  We firmly believe that the greatest strength of our community and our businesses comes from the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of each individual.  The vitality and vibrancy of our community is fueled not only in our diversity but also in ensuring we are all empowered in building our success.

We stand against those long standing social ills that are harmful and hurtful to creating a community where everyone in our community can thrive.  We know that the issues are deep rooted and multi-faceted and that the work ahead is challenging and difficult.  But for lasting change to occur, we must be intentional about making considerable changes. As an organization and as a community of businesses, we must be honest with ourselves that there is more work to be done in order to become more equitable and inclusive.  We recognize there is a distinct difference between “equal” and “equitable” and until our efforts address those areas where we are deficient, we cannot all move forward.  Your Chamber has a legacy of bringing people together, embracing positive change, and calling for action in order to create more and better opportunity for everyone. We stand together as a business community to continue to prioritize our work which enables diversity, equity and inclusion of all.  (Approved on June 16, 2020)

Philip Moore, Chair, The Chamber of Catawba County Board of Directors

Lindsay M. Keisler, President/CEO, The Chamber of Catawba County

All position statements of The Chamber of Catawba County are presented to and approved by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on behalf of our 830 business Shareholders & Investors.

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