2024 Wages & Benefits Survey

Stay Competitive: Participate in the 2024 Wages & Benefits Survey

As businesses in Catawba County strive to remain competitive in a dynamic economic landscape, understanding the prevailing wages and benefits within the region is key. To facilitate this insight, the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation and The Chamber of Catawba County are once again conducting the 2024 Wages & Benefits Survey and your participation is essential.

Survey Details

The survey period runs until Friday, May 24th, offering ample time for employers with operations within Catawba County to share your perspectives. Designed for individuals overseeing compensation and talent recruitment, the survey spans most industries, including Manufacturing, Warehouse/Distribution/Logistics, Sales/Customer Service (e.g., Hospitality, Retail/Wholesale, Personal Services), Professional Services (e.g., Accounting, Legal, Banking), Healthcare, Government/Education, Construction/Trades/Utilities, and Non-Profit sectors.

Each organization can expect to respond to around 90 questions, including but not limited to, the average wage for various high-demand positions, benefits information, employment requirements, and training and development offerings. Included in the questions is a section of industry-specific questions.  Respondents should expect the survey to take between 1-3 hours to complete, however, your progress will automatically save to ensure optimal convenience and flexibility.

Benefits of Participation

Upon completion, participants will gain access to an exclusive summary report, slated for release by mid-June. This report offers a comprehensive overview of wage and benefit trends, aiding organizations in benchmarking their compensation strategies with industry norms.

Confidentiality Assured

Your individual organization data will remain strictly confidential ensuring the integrity and anonymity of the collective insights gathered.

In previous years, we have had as many as 110 employers, representing over 20,000 employees, submit responses. Widespread participation enriches the data for everyone involved. On behalf of the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation and The Chamber of Catawba County, we extend our gratitude in advance for your participation.

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