HKY4Vets Roadmap for 2024-A Look at the Year Ahead

Looking back at our achievements, HKY4Vets recognizes the importance of the past as a guide for growth and improvement. We honor our history while actively forging a future where our initiatives continue to evolve. Our plan for the year ahead is robust and has our team excited for 2024! Below is a quick overview of some of the work we hope to carry forward this next year.

A key highlight of the HKY4Vets 2024 Plan of Work is the continuation and enhancement of our virtual hiring events. These events are crucial in bridging the gap between military and military spouse talent worldwide and potential Hickory Metro employers. By leveraging the power of technology, we’re ensuring that geographical barriers don’t hinder opportunities for veterans to connect with businesses seeking their unique skills and experiences. These virtual events are a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in veteran support.

The HKY4Vets Professional Connections will be a cornerstone of our efforts. With at least four major events planned, we’re ensuring that veterans have the resources and networks necessary to thrive in their professional endeavors. These events are not just about job opportunities; they’re about building a supportive community to grow those that already call Catawba County “home” or hope to in the near future.

We’re also focusing on education and getting back to our 2016-17 roots, with a series of quarterly offerings designed to help employers understand and appreciate the unique value veterans bring to the workforce. This initiative aims to foster a more inclusive and understanding work environment for military talent.

The enhancement of our concierge transition assistance program marks a significant step forward. By integrating a possible mentorship component, we’re not just offering assistance; we’re building a community of support, guidance, and shared experiences. This program will connect transitioning service members with veterans who have successfully navigated their own transitions, providing a relatable perspective and invaluable insights.

As we continue to grow and develop these programs, our focus remains on making a tangible difference in the lives of veterans and their families. We’re excited about the year ahead and are committed to expanding our reach and impact. Join us as we continue to support those who have served, helping them transition to fulfilling civilian careers.

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