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34th Annual Golf Classic Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 34th Annual Golf Classic, Presented by Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing.

AM Tournament Winners:
First Place (54): David Bumgarner, Derrick Hayes, Josh Miller, Ethan Johnson
Second Place (56): Brandon Lee, Joe Beliveau, Craig Bahlman, Tony Cook
Third Place (57): Michael Edwards, Ben Garrett, Ricky Brooks, Chris Kennedy

PM Tournament Winners: 
First Place (54): Trent Scruggs, Trey Scruggs, Brandon Moretz, Jeremy Langley
Second Place (55): Rodney Miller, David Zagaroli, Rick Beasley, Chris Barringer
Third Place (55): Ashley Hull, Thomas Critcher, Gary Hull, Mike Durham

Skill Award Winners: 
Joe Hart, Kevin Spencer, Drew Ferguson, Danny Hearn, Dustin Otterberg, Michael Smith, Jay Campbell

Save the date for our 35th Annual Golf Classic on May 16, 2024

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