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2020 Annual Report

Valued Partner,

What a privilege and honor it is to serve you. Thank you for your commitment to YOUR Chamber. On behalf of our team, we humbly thank you for allowing us to work alongside of you and for you every day. Contained within the pages of this document is a summary of the impact you made through this organization in 2020. We wholly acknowledge nothing has been, is or will be accomplished without our many partners, public & private, and volunteer leaders — Thank you.

Organizations like ours work in an interesting space. We have every expectation in the community to cultivate an environment ripe for continued investment and business success. However, we have zero formal authority. We are unable to pass laws or approve land ordinances. We have zero dedicated funding streams. In other words, financially contributing to our organization is completely voluntarily and never guaranteed. We have no taxing authority. So literally, what we are given, we have to earn. 

We do this by pursuing value and relevance every day. It’s our priority to ask the right questions to uncover your needs and pain points, to listen and then to act. But sometimes, like in the past year, leadership means pushing forward without having all the answers. We aim to be clarity amidst confusion, strength amidst uncertainty and a strong voice amidst clamor. We are a leader in economic recovery, a critical problem-solver, a partner and consultant, a sounding board, and an advocate.  

Working for Business,
Lindsay M. Keisler, IOM, CCEC
The Chamber of Catawba County 

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